Superheros of Karachi Roads

Superheros of Karachi Roads

Beside celebrating International Workers Day today, millions of geeky fans, have another reason to smile as Superhero mania is back by the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron in cinemas.

For past few years, the craze of Superheros has engulfed this planet like a storm. You can see them in action on big and small screens, read about their adventures in comics, become a superhero yourself (partially of course) through video games and so much more.

But who is a Superhero? According to Wikipedia, a type of heroic character possessing extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and dedicated to protecting the public. Though such person can only exists in fiction, we do want to see them in real. With their talent and powers, they really can change this world in no time.

So in reality, one person can’t possess extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers at the same time. But we often see people who not only possess out-of-this world extraordinary talents but also never fails to amaze us with it. So can we consider them as a superhero? I say without a doubt that YES WE CAN.

But who are those people? What are their superpowers?

If you live in Karachi, like me, then there is no doubt that you have witnessed them countless times. By now, you must have realized what am I talking about.

That’s right folks! I present to you:

Superheros of Karachi Roads

and here is the line-up:

The Amazing One-Wheeler

The most amazing of the bunch, this superhero can drop your jaw on the floor in no time. Driving a bike on just one-wheel, this daredevil can risk his life as well as yours in no time. Laying flat on motorbikes, driving their bikes in standing positions or just simply driving on one wheel, these are just the few tricks in their sleeves.

Qingqi Two-Face

Also pronounce as Chingchi, this 3-wheeler superhero has taken Karachi by storm in recent years and is doing a marvelous job of servicing the citizens. A perfect hybrid of a motorbike and 2-wheel cart, this superhero can lift up to 8 persons at a time. This fella can drop you anywhere you want in his designated route in no time.

Captain No-Indicator

As first super villain on our list, Captain No-Indicator has the ability to ruin your life (besides your car) in such an devilish manner that can put you in shock for whole day. Bearing the power of not giving indicator at all while driving, this super villain is one mean menace to reckon with. Sometimes, this power is used for no apparent reason whatsoever, turning the mind of citizens baffling for truth.

The 70cc Juggernaut

With the unmatched ability to cross/cut/pass through any obstacle in their way, these talented 70cc motorbike superheros are the most efficient on our list. They truly understands the importance of time, as for them, reaching home after a hard day’s work is vital. To achieve this goal, they will show no fear.

To be continued……

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