The Other Face of My Town

Pakistan gunmen kill 43 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus – BBC News

Yes, this is another view of my beloved city. After I posted Talk About My Town, I decided that I will show only the bright face of Karachi, who is suffering from violence, destruction and terror for past 3 decades. Karachi

But seems to me its not gonna happen. So this is the other face of my city, where I grew up. Here leaving home each morning for work and returning back home safely in the evening means heavy blessing. Every weekday, my mother prays for safe return of her kids back home. My mom stays in touch with me and my 2 brothers whenever incidents like this happens. That look on my mother’s face, or any other mother living in Karachi, when she sees her family stepping back in home safely every evening is something only a she can describe.

I saw the news on TV in my office and found it deeply disturbing. After all, those 43 people on that bus were humans just like me and you. This cold blooded massacre in broad daylight may provide local news channels hours of sense-less airtime and high ratings, but it will sure not bring those 43 people back in this world.

Karachi is going through this for past 3 decades. This beloved city of mine has seen so much blood on its streets. Those who call themselves “public servants”, whether in power or not, have done nothing, except chattering senselessly on news channels. They are doing it right now and they will continue doing so.

Sometimes I feel that I’m already living in a dystopian society. A “civilized” dystopian society where hearts of people are dead, not the city they live in.


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