My Clockwork Life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”

Question: Why do you blog?

Answer: Well, may be because of my clockwork life. Yes, I’m a human, just like you and billion others around the world, but this is what my daily life is.

I’m obviously sure I’m not the only one who considers himself as a robot fueled by a fully synchronized clockwork mechanism, that is not only driving me, but also helping me achieving all the worldly objectives I was programmed to perform.

Or may be it’s just me!!

Here is a quick review of my daily routine:

Getting up early in morning
Eating breakfast and preparing myself for work
Stepping out of home and reaching bus stop
Waiting for office van to pick me up
(at this point, my mind is constantly thinking about what’s ahead of me in office today, ever since I opened my eyes in morning)
Reaching office after abouf 45 minutes, sitting in my cubicle, turning on my PC
Doing all the routine work I do 5 days a week

Lunchtime (And this is when I try my best to check my WordPress account. Ever since I have created it up and decided to maintain a blog for myself, so that I can prevent my mind from turning into some synchronized clock. Sometimes, I get the chance, sometimes I don’t. And when I don’t, I step bit closer in becoming a human clockwork )

Going back to do all the remaining routine work till off time
Enduring the evening traffic jam
Reaching home after about an hour or so

Finally, some family time to recharge my batteries for the next day, so that I can perform the same routine, over and over again.

Isn’t this how a robot/machine acts?

So this blog is a small effort by me to prevent myself from turning into a mechanized human.

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