Fleet Of My Boy

Q: Why do men love cars so much?

Q: Is it the looks, the sound, speed or what?

Q: Or is it the sheer fulfillment of not only owning but also being able to control a sophisticated machine?

As a man myself, I don’t know answers to the questions above. I think no one can give a satisfactory answer too. For some it is the speed while others find pleasure in owning a movable machine.

Whatever the reasons are, if a man love his car, then he will do whatever in his power to keep that bond last lifetime.

I’m having this feeling about Uzair ever since he got his very first toy car. He always want to play with them, he only asks for cars whenever he steps in a toy shop, he even fights with Abdullah and Zainab over them.

To be honest with you, this “love” of his is scaring me up.

Check out some of Uzair’s beloved:





4 thoughts on “Fleet Of My Boy

  1. thegoldhourglass December 1, 2015 / 5:31 PM

    I don’t know if its so much a thing for guys or it is merely the way the society works because I love cars. I personally love the control I have over a machine which means I prefer to drive manual cars or stick however you call them.
    But the stereotype of men and boys loving cars is questionable.

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