The Second Brick

For those who have constructed their own homes, holding that very first brick, or foundation stone if you want to call it, in your hands when you home was about to be constructed must have given you a sense of great accomplishment.

The moment you place that brick on ground, is the moment your life will never be the same.


This is so much similar to having a kid and raising him or her up. The home you have built is the very first brick in your child’s development. In your home, your child will learn so much that no other place on earth can teach.

NWP_151214_0017 (1) (1)

Your child will learn about life itself. By observing you right from the moment he/she starts to giggle, the learning process will begin. From there onwards, the parents are the ultimate source of providing guidance in every walk of life.

NWP_151214_0015 (1) (1)

But buildings are not just made of single brick. Placing brick after brick, that’s how building are raised up. Similarly, a child also needs a second brick in his/her life.

NWP_151214_0009 (1) (1)

Today, I had placed that very second brick in Uzair’s life as I have enrolled him up in a Montessori school this morning. Next April, he will start the greatest journey of his life in which he will learn new things every day. He will understand the world around him more clearly and so much more.

NWP_151214_0025 (1) (1) (1)

This second brick in Uzair’s life will pave way for many more bricks in his life. And all those bricks will shape up a profound structure.


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