Old Is ……

Beside being gold, today I realized that old can also be the following:

Bold: Yes, why not? I know many old folks who are ready to do whatever they like and they do it in the blink of an eye.

Cold: Don’t take me wrong here! Some old folks can be as cold as ice with a beating heart too and they love to stay that way.

Fold: Included this one just because it rhymes with gold. If you can make any connection, then please let me know.

Hold: Yes, some old folks love to hold on things they love since their own childhood. I can give my own example here. Not that old I’m but do act like them 🙂

Mold: Can be molded in certain situations but not always.

Sold: They were the hottest commodity once, you will agree to this.

Told: Yeah, once they were the limelight. Now they are backstage, waiting to leave the building.

Do you agree??


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