Day Of The Dark Bridges

Few days ago, when I was on my way to office, I noticed sky was a bit more blue than normal. So I took out my phone and started to take pictures.

Since I was in a car, traveling at about 60-70 mph (this is the average speed in Karachi because of heavy traffic load), I just used the Burst Mode and took about 100+ pictures in less than 40 seconds I suppose. Later when I checked those photos, I saw something strange in every single one of them.


The Sun blacked out every other object. There were only 2 colors: Black and yellow! The blue sky I was hoping to capture appeared white in pictures. It may happened because of the burst mode I used while moving or may be some other reason is behind this.

But I now look at these pictures and they seem so unique to me. Don’t they?


A pedestrian bridge, turned black by the yellow sun


See what I mean! It looks both amazing and strange at the same time



Taken by Motorola Droid Ultra, uneditted



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