That Old Box


I took out that old box today
It was untouched for so long

I dusted it off and looked at it
Puzzled to open it up or not

I opened it up anyway
The contents smiled at me

I took them out one by one
Recalling the memory behind each

A pen, few snippets, old photos of us
That red ribbon, receipts of fun we had

I smiled seeing those old photos
We were so full of life and fun back then

The world was like a garden for us
Every road was covered with flowers

I looked for others things too in the box
Some were there and some weren’t

That perfume bottle you gifted me
Still had few drops in it

I didn’t opened it because of a fear
Fear of not losing those last drops

But fear of losing you forever!!


6 thoughts on “That Old Box

    1. Hi, just fine I’m. Not fully recovered though. Change of season brings this upon me and it takes couple of days to go. Uzair also got sick today 😦 I took him doctor.
      I wrote that poem without any emotions either. Never been through those myself, so we are on the same page here

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