One Colorful Love

For this week Daily Post’s photo challenges One Love, I’m sharing my some colorful snaps from my collection. How they relate to One Love? Well, if you picture a giant with all those uncountable leaves and branches, you will know that One Love is just like that.


Few playing blocks from my nephew’s collection


Hanged for drying after washing

metal colors 2

Dining table chairs on colorful sheet


So many balloons! Superb for target practicing, right?


Books are always so colorful


A bus of color. This is very common in Karachi


This is Khalid’s vegetable cart. He sells vegetable in my neighborhood


Now who can say no to this table full of colorful and delicious snacks?


This is a traditional Henna tray. It was created during my sister’s mehndi ceremony.


The decorated guest room wall during my sister’s wedding. The cousins were given a free hand and this what they come up with.


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