Hyderabad – A Photo-walk

Hyderabad, is another city of Pakistan, which can easily be labelled as a forgotten city. By this, I don’t mean this city is deserted but rather being ignored or not been given the proper stature it deserved.


The 4th largest city of Pakistan, Hyderabad’s history on the Ganju Takkar hillock can be traced back to the Mauryan era (322-185 BC). This city offers very diverse heritage and culture which has been overlooked, even by its own residents, who are not aware of its significance.



Click on the link below and join some really enthusiastic young photographers as they capture the sights of this old city through their lenses.


A photowalk through historic Hyderabad


Disclaimer: Images used here, entire text and all images in DAWN‘s article are sole property of DAWN. I’m just sharing it


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