Blueberry Lemon Orange Smoothie

It’s Saturday and time for another smoothie. This Blueberry Lemon Orange one is Mark’s best, so check it out!

We are going back to the drawing board on the first week of smoothie making.  What have we learned?  They need more fluid than you think, unless you drink them right away. &n…

Source: Blueberry Lemon Orange Smoothie – Best Yet


10 thoughts on “Blueberry Lemon Orange Smoothie

    1. I’ve to wait for another hour until my husband is home from work 😉 Don’t know the time in Pakistan, but over here in Germany it’s almost evening.
      Have a nice day? Kind regards, Patty

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    2. Ah, then there’s a time difference about 2.5 hours 😉 Also different that you have diner late at the evening. It’s now 07:45 PM over here, we ate and now it’s time for an evening walk with our dogs. Sleep well 😉

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