Mix Plate #22

Hello Sunday!

I’m sure you are making everyone’s today so special, filling it with all the love and joy.

mix plate

Here are some specials on behalf of you!

DIY: Odour Removal
Get rid of those nasty, brain damaging odors from your purses. (not tested on wallets)

Snapshot – Island Temple of Isis
Don’t be alarmed! This is a tour of Isis (Egyptian goddess) temple by Kim.

Don’t Talk To Strangers
Natalie forgets a golden childhood rule.

Rule The Bully
Step out of the shadow and show him/her you are not afraid anymore.

Some amazing bluebonnets by GetlostLeila.

H is for Help
Far away from civilization, helping someone in need is truly great.

What Is In My Handbag
This is for all the ladies out there. And I’m thinking about doing a guy’s version of this.

Osorno Volcano, Patagonia, Chile
A volcano can be so beautiful! I didn’t knew that at all.

Unfortunate Fortunes
Yes, these unfortunate cookies also exists. Or may be you were wrong all the way.

It’s All About The Journey
You must have taken so many journeys or may be just one. What do they really mean to you?


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