Poetry Is Honey For The Soul (8) – Hammad Rais

My very good friend, Camille, started up a poetry series on her blog last month. She asked her followers to share their favorite poems with her. Many replied with great collection and Camille published those poems on her blog with introduction by the contributor.

About two weeks ago, Camille also asked me to contribute and I, sort of like, chickened out from it. My mother tongue is Urdu and it is full of very vast collection of literature too. I can speak and read Urdu very well but I don’t consider myself as a good Urdu to English translator because of my limited English vocabulary.

So, instead of translating a famous Urdu poem into English, I gave Camille an option to feature one of my own English poem, which I have posted previously on my blog. Camille accepted it up and she yesterday posted my poem “Brick By Brick” on her blog.

You can check out her post, featuring my poem, on the link below. Also, do check previously posted features too on Camille’s blog. They are all so lovely!

Poetry is honey for the soul
Hammad Rais is a blogger I met “by accident” in the blogosphere. I think we were under the same tutorship of WordPress, and he came to my rescue because….

Source: Poetry is honey for the soul (8) – Hammad Rais



image courtesy of Camille


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