Mix Plate #31

Hello everyone!

Saturday is here and after little bit of delay, I’m sharing specials with you.

mix plate



Dear Spouses, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Soulmates, Long-time partners….It’s not about you! WE Got This!
We may need our soulmates with us most of the time, but not every time.

A Call For Togetherness
Want to change your life without doing much? Try these steps!

Flash Fiction – A True Division
A short story about two very different generations from two seemingly different worlds.

Guest Post: Long Duration Flights by CHAPE
Keep your body and your mind in shape on those long duration flights. These tips are very helpful.

8 items from my anti-bucket list
You certainly don’t want these items in your bucket list.

Are You a Bibliophile?
Many of us are, without knowing the symptoms.

Strangers and People are the Highlight of Travel
The world is full of strangers and for them, you are one too!

11 Top Qualities In A Human Being
What makes you a human?

Vietnam: The ceramic village – Bat Trang
Take a trip to Vietnam’s ceramic village where life molds in various shapes.

Orb – Three Line Tales
A three line story of galactic proportions.




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