In Sickness, In Health

The day you look upon yourself when you are just about to hit a major milestone of your life could be the day when your worst nightmares seems childish.

Don’t worry people. My mind is not with me since this weekend, thanks to fever/flu and the remedy I’m taking to cure them. This happens every time when season changes and turns me upside down for good.

Will be back to normality soon!

I hope……


17 thoughts on “In Sickness, In Health

  1. This is why there was a gap in your posts! I did not want to intrude or be inquisitive but I looked down my reader and did not find anything from you. I hope you are better now and that there is nobody else ill at home. Take good care of yourself, friend!

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    1. I am glad you are recovering. And I am glad you have not transferred germs to other members of the family!!!! Please, take care. We miss your blog and your voice but get well before you start writing again. πŸ™‚

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    2. This comment of yours filled up so much new energy in me. Of course I take care of myself but it happens whenever season changes. Sometime minor, sometime not.
      This time, it wasn’t minor. But I’m fine now and in good health.
      Good to know that my absence is noted πŸ™‚

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    3. Of course, it is, you silly man! By a great many people too! Don’t do too much. Have you gone back to work or do you enjoy your son’s play and your family’s warmth? I hope you do the latter. There is no point in going back to one’s job when one does not feel perfectly well.

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    4. Well I just took a day off but have to back to work, despite so much desire of staying at home and just be around with my family.
      But to feed mine and other mouths, I have to step outside. Not to worry though. In first of week of July, Eid holidays will take place (5-6 days), so I will have plenty of time to be with my family.

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    5. First thing is for you to feel well enough to go back to work: no need to be ll again just by going out too soon. And then, yes, there will be holidays to be with your family. But your health is important. πŸ™‚

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