Into Year Three

Today (June 23rd 2016) marks Uzair’s 3rd birthday. Yes, he is 3 years old now and I’m so grateful and happy for the last 3 years of my life. Uzair’s presence in my life is something I can’t properly describe in words as he has changed not only my life but also the way I look at the world.


So what have I learned in past 3 years? There are countless things I can tell you about but below mentioned are the current ones:

1. There is a big “why” to everything.
2. A bath time should last for 24 hours.
3. Removing bed sheets and driving cars on them is the right way of playing with them.
4. Saturday morning is reserved for park trip, no matter how hot the weather is.
5. Coloring outside the picture is the right way of coloring.
6. Listening to same story every night is a must.
7. Never say no for a trip to market, whether on car or on motorbike.
8. Only one person can push the pulse button of blender when it is in use and you know who it is.
9. Must have what other is having.
10. Dad’s body spray is my body spray.



10 thoughts on “Into Year Three

  1. Ha ha .. sounds like my son, So all boys are same everywhere! My son is almost 4 and am waiting when he would be out of why phase! Good luck! And lots of hug and kisses to Uzair …

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