How To Make A Fast Food Cake?

Oh, how much do you love cakes?

There is no perfect answer to this question as you may have a list of your favorite cakes but then one day, a new variety takes your breath away.

And I’m sure this Fast Food Cake by Milton Lai will not be an addition to that list of yours.

A flour-less, egg-less, sugar-less mixture shouldn’t be termed as cake logically but the world we live in is a strange place. And this the reason behind this creation of Milton Lai.

Comprised of all things weight watchers hate the most, this super/jumbo size innovation will sure turn heads around. But I’m not sure how many of those heads will be able to finish it up.

Still curious? Check out more details about this by clicking on the link below:


Fast food cake by Milton Lai


Go ahead and give it a try!


image courtesy of Milton Lai

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