Me, Uzair And Minions

On August 21, 2016, Uzair and I shared a special moment. A very special moment indeed!

Minions poster, courtesy of IMDB

Everyday, Uzair sleeps in afternoon. During the weekdays, this sleep is deep thanks to school but on weekends, since I’m at home, he wakes up before 5 pm. I usually don’t plan anything for afternoon on weekends, so watching a movie on laptop is what I do. I cozy up myself on bed, earphones plugs up into laptop and press play, before making sure Uzair is sleeping.

Yesterday was the same. I was watching Minions while Jia and Uzair were sleeping calmly on bed. Around half way through the movie, Uzair woke up and snuggled next to me. The moment he locked his eyes on laptop’s screen, he got super excited as watching cartoons is his favorite thing. Now, this doesn’t means that Uzair watches cartoon all the time. Jia and I are not so much in favor of letting little kids watch TV for long, even cartoons. Uzair don’t watch any cartoon channel on TV and he doesn’t ask for it much. He loves to play with his toy cars mostly and it is fine with me.

But he do ask me on weekends to show him this Coilbook cartoon on my smartphone. This is Uzair’s favorite as he loves to name the colors of cars in this. Beside this, he also like this version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by LittleBabyBum.

So, when Uzair snuggled next to me on bed and started to watch Minions, I decided to let him watch it. After all, I say mostly say no to him whenever he asks me to show him cartoon, so letting him watch an animated movie seems okay to me. I shared my earphones with him and together we enjoyed a good movie, which was our first.

Yes, I’m feeling proud in letting the world know that Minions is the very first movie Uzair and I, a son and his father, watched together.

And this makes Minions very special indeed.

(Left to right) Stuart, Kevin, and Bob. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

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