On The Road – Paan Cabin

This is a Paan cabin, one of the most noticeable and abundant objects you will see in Karachi. Serving the population of more than 23 million, you can find paan cabins on every road, bus stop, street or market in Karachi.

Nobody knows the exact quantity of paan cabins in Karachi as they are literally everywhere. There are 7 paan cabins near to my home and I can walk pass all of them within 10 minutes time frame.


So what do these cabins sell?

Well, all of them do sell paan, a full or half sized betel leaf loaded up with areca nuts and many other ingredients. Beside that, you can buy cigarette, candies, chewing gums, flavored fennel and so much more.

There are many paan sellers in Karachi who had moved from small cabins to roadside shops, turning their paan selling business into a mini-mart thing where you can shop for almost anything you can find at any normal mart.

Hate them or like them, paan cabins like these are providing livelihood to countless families in Karachi because you don’t need much investment in them. If you are jobless and less literate, then earning up through a paan shop is the best option for you in Karachi. After all, people here need a joint to chew or smoke out their worries and tensions.

Paan cabins are providing that facility very effectively.




4 thoughts on “On The Road – Paan Cabin

  1. We have kiosk too in Greece. They sell a multitude of things – cigarettes, papers and mags, candy, chewing gum, small water bottles, pens and pencils, football swap cards, small toys, bottles of water… I love this kind of thing, they’re so picturesque

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