Pakistani Style Chicken Biryani

I haven’t shared any food recipe for quite some time now on my blog. The ones I shared earlier were mostly continental dishes. So now, I’m resuming back to this series and have decided to share some local cuisines from my country Pakistan.

And the very first one I’m about to share can certainly be termed as a magnum opus of Pakistani cuisine.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you:

Pakistani Style Chicken Biryani

If you want to try out something really different along with giving your taste buds a palette of rich spices, then look biryani is the answer.

You will definitely try your hands on creating you own version to suit your needs, once you master the art of cooking biryani and this is the beauty of it.

My mother cooks it differently than Jia, my wife, and this gives both versions an edge of uniqueness. And this is what my family loves the most

Do try out this great recipe of Pakistani Style Chicken Biryani by Sangeetha Subhash Menon and your taste buds will never be the same.

Pakistani Style Chicken Biryani



Image above courtesy of Sangeetha Subhash Menon





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