Spicy Moong Dal

Lentils are known as dal in Pakistan and they are available in so many varieties. They are easy to cook and full of nutrition. Dal is mainly cooked up as soupy or thick and often eaten up with either plain boiled rice or roti (flat bread).

Most common of dal dish around here is Chana Dal and Maash Dal but today, I’m sharing with you a recipe of Moong Dal with is prepared from mung beans. Pour it over a bowl of boiled rice and your simple rice meal turns into something extraordinary.

Or if you are in mood of some tasty adventure, cook up a bit dry version and enjoy it with tortilla or even bread. Add a pinch of tarka in any dal and it will boost up its taste many times.


Spicy Moong Dal


Many thanks to Rafeeqa Tayyeb for sharing this recipe.


Image courtesy of Rafeeqa Tayyeb



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