Simple Bun Kebab And Chutney

In Karachi, the street food stands out high among the rest. We do have cafes and restaurants here but the joy of eating out in the open, if you are shopping in local market or just stepped out from your office for lunch, is priceless.

You will find countless varieties of goodies on such food stalls in Karachi and they are all so tempting. And out of all those, bun kebab meal is definitely the first choice for everyone.

A simple burger bun is turned into something extraordinary by spicing it up with a dose of local touch. I love this meal very much and brings a juicy pair of homemade bun kebab lunch to my office almost twice a week. Here is a snap of it:


Looks great and tastes great too. And guess what, you can prepare it in your home too.

Wanna to try it out?

Here is a great recipe of Bun Kebab with Green Chutney I found today at Random Bytes From Life. It is a must try for anyone looking for something spicy and new.

Recipe For Simple Bun Kebab & Chutney





6 thoughts on “Simple Bun Kebab And Chutney

  1. M. L. Kappa November 12, 2016 / 6:34 PM

    I love street food! In Greece we have gyros and souvlaki ( types of kebab)

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