Which Way Challenge – A Green Walk

A little green walk under a bright sun is beyond beautiful, isn’t it?

You may want to walk like forever or you may just stand still, soaking up all the freshness you can.


For me, it is hard to decide 🙂

My entry for Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 16, 2016


13 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge – A Green Walk

    1. No grey here but leaves are falling. Day is bright but sky stays bit white. At night for couple of days, dust rises up and young ones are coughing up because of this.
      This little path reminds about bright, clean days.

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    2. Yes, all of us are fine and taking precautions. Your honorary nephew and his cousins built this habit of a little walk in street at night this summer. They really enjoy it but I have placed a ban on it now.

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