Arrival In Pakistan

Finally, aliens have landed in Pakistan too!

Beside landing mainly in USA or European countries most of the time, aliens realize that this planet is so full of humans, so why not checking out other places too.

Seems like a very nice idea to me, I say!


Okay okay, no more Mr Funny guy now. What I’m talking about is this poster of movie Arrival, starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

What is so special about this movie poster?

Well, for the first time since Hollywood started making up movies featuring aliens, a country other than USA is being picked up by the aliens to make their presence felt. They never landed on any other place beside USA in past and even though, they can be scary/demonic creatures from an unknown world, I’m feeling happy that they decided to land in Pakistan also.

The poster you are seeing above displays an alien ship hovering above a mountainous region in Pakistan. Although, this movie poster was released back in August 2016 and similar other movie posters were also released (one of which made Hong Kong very angry), I’m talking about this now because Arrival was released in theaters last week.

After checking the trailer, I immediately realized how great this movie will gonna be. A lot of buzz this movie is receiving from critics with high marks and praises.

So, if you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it. Because this movie is not just about aliens invading our planet. This movie is more about how we, the humans, realize our capabilities and how we stand in front of those aliens, who just prove to us that we are not alone.



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