Prisma Tuesday – Nov 29th

I look for colors to fill my life with. Some are easy are to find while many are not.

I ask others too about sharing their colors with me, so that I can paint my life with their colors too.

Prisma (12)


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8 thoughts on “Prisma Tuesday – Nov 29th

  1. All right. I shall try to turn your two first sentences (one is better than the other: “I ask others too about sharing their colours with me….” Then we make a book about life in rural France (in Dordogne) and in Karachi. You take the pictures and see with your artist friends, I write, I see with a French writer I know and a fried who is an editor in Paris. Deal ?

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  2. I guess you do not but there is something that cries out for a short story (as I see it), at the utmost of a novella; There is something (for me) which is not of the stuff for a novel. But why not? Put your rights on it, friend, or I shall steal your simple sentence!!!! 😉

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