Wonderlusting Around The World

Our world is not small!

It is so big.

We connect to a person thousands of miles away through so many different mediums and this doesn’t make our world a small. The world is as big as it was eons ago and it is still full so many wonderful places, despite humans utmost attempts in ruining the very place they call home.

But wouldn’t you want to see all the places, those high mountains, those gigantic landscapes. Places where you don’t want to fell anything else, except harmony.

If you have visited such places, for which you were craving for so long, then consider yourself a lucky person. I know one such person and her name is Miriam. She is taking us with her to the 5 most magical places she had seen.

Let’s join her!

Wonderlusting around the world


image above courtesy Patrick Jennings @ Pix to Words

2 thoughts on “Wonderlusting Around The World

  1. gunnardeckare December 17, 2016 / 6:44 PM

    Fantastic places to visit! I have been to a couple of such places, some of them in Africa

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