For The Very First Time

Still scratching your head from what you read in my previous post?

Well, here’s the full picture:

Date: 04 January, 2016
Time: 2:30AM Pakistan Standard Time
Venue: Jinnah International Airport, Karachi

Scene: I saw myself standing inside an airport for the very first time. Here the word inside means the area from where passengers proceed further towards their flights. And yes, I have written the very first time correctly here.

Head clearing up now?

So, I just didn’t stood there in utter amazement. I was there to board a flight to Sharjah from my hometown Karachi, on my very first air travel experience.

That’s right! For the very first time, I:

  • stepped inside an airport.
  • went through all the normal flight boarding procedures.
  • sat inside an airplane, which ran on a runway and took off the ground.
  • saw myself going high up in the air and ultimately leaving my hometown and then my country.
  • saw the vastness of our world from high above.
  • landed in a place about which I had seen only TV or in pictures.


Now, I do sound like a total crazy person. Isn’t it?

But this is the truth!

Except for 2 occasions, I have never stepped out of my hometown and I swear on this. In the early 80’s, when I was about 3 years old, I went to India on a long train trip with my parents. Then, in 2007, I went on a road trip with some friends to city which lies at a distance of about 200 kilometers from Karachi. And these two trips are only the ones of
my life in which I have stepped out of my hometown.

Until now!

A human I’m, just like you. Please don’t panic!

Now, I’m standing in a place I haven’t touched before. Breathing air of a new land, absorbing sights and sounds unknown to my mind (well, up to some extent). All of this is very exciting for me and I truly can’t explain the feelings I’m going through. After all, this is my very first experience of traveling abroad, a normal thing for millions across the

I’m experiencing, for the very first time, what may be you and millions of others consider normal. So, this is very very special for me, Jia (my wife) and Uzair (my son) as they are also experiencing their very first traveling and staying abroad. We will see so much for the very first time in our lives and this is very exciting for us.

A new of so much for me, an old one.


13 thoughts on “For The Very First Time

  1. I remember my first time, only a decade ago, alone. I practically copied the passenger next to me on the flight and followed the person who checked-in before me outside the flight..Gosh, I was scared and nervous.
    Now it sounds funny, but my parents came all the way from the other end of India, just to see me going to the airport! Crazy first time!
    Enjoy your trip, have fun with family!

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