Graceful Down Below

The moment I saw lights down below, I felt like I have won the biggest jackpot of all.


To many, these pictures may seem ordinary but for me, the very sight of seeing lights of a far away land for the very first time, was mind blowing. I just gazed down below from my seat with a mind full of nothing but wonder.


What I saw from an airplane, at early morning of 5th Jan, 2017 was totally new for me. I haven’t seen this land before, haven’t breathed its air and even haven’t set my foot on it before. This was all so exciting for me and I was ready for an experience, unlike any I have seen or felt before.


I enjoyed so much during my trip and all of it was so new and refreshing for me. But being able to seeing lights of a new land from high above was definitely the most graceful moment of my entire trip.

For The Daily Post’s Graceful


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