Two Unlikely Neighbors

Islam and Christianity, two opposing sides with faith and beliefs of their own. The world has seen conflicts between the two in past and the recent events, as put in motion by “The Chosen One“, the need for an understanding between both sides is far more crucial than anything else.


And this is already happening, in a place where you might least expect it.

Peshawar’s St Michael Cathedral Church is standing tall, right next to a mosque and madrassa known as the Jamia Imdadul Uloom or Darwaish Masjid. When I found out about these two neighboring houses of God, in a city with volatile history, I felt an immense pride in knowing that people are still open minded here.

Read out more about these two unique neighbors from Peshawar, Pakistan by clicking on the link below:

This neighbouring church and mosque in Peshawar have peacefully coexisted for years


2 thoughts on “Two Unlikely Neighbors

    • Hammad Rais February 14, 2017 / 2:57 PM

      The moment I read the title of the article in paper, I decided to share it. This act by both side proves how we all can live in peace and harmony. All we need is understanding of each other.

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