South Africa – A Mavic Tale

We human may have dominated the very planet we live upon but there is no denial about being the only life form around.

Few days ago, I saw this stunning video of South Africa’s majestic Kruger National Park by Rind-Raja Picture Company, who used a DJI Mavic Pro to capture an utterly out-of-this world wildlife footage.

Watch the video embedded below and think about all the other form of life you can find here. This earth is as much home to them as it is ours.



short film



2 thoughts on “South Africa – A Mavic Tale

  1. Kim Richardson April 22, 2017 / 4:17 PM

    Great video, Hammad. That’s what I love about South Africa! I’ll be returning for my fourth visit in August – can’t get enough of the wildlife 🙂

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