How Much To Give To Get Some?

An out-of-nowhere spike in workload will always result in the utter disturbance of inner harmony, especially for someone who so much long to keep his mind sane.

But the world around that person doesn’t work that way, no matter what he does. Things don’t go according to his plan and his superiors keep pushing him on the edge, while constantly reminding him that the “job” he is doing will change the world.

The only thing changing for sure is that person’s mentality towards those for whom he work for. Well, at least he is not alone as many others feel the same as he does, so this provides him a company where they can share their feelings about a day’s hideous work routine and what will they gonna get in the end.

The outcome will only benefit those sitting at the top, who kept on telling them that their “blood and sweat” will sure change their world. The only worlds that are changing belong to those who are in the front. Who are represented as the face of the tribe you belong. They are the ones who are really precious because their minds are really really special.

Because those few individuals always get all the credit for all the “hard work + blood + sweat + what-ever-else-you-can-think-of” YOU have given under their “supreme captaincy”. They got the job done under such “tough circumstances” and they truly deserve the real motivation from those in high command.

He and his little puny friends, they are just followers of such individuals right now.

But times are changing!

Not as fast as he may want to it to be but soon, tables will turn around. New passages will lead to bigger and brighter fields, making his mind at ease.


For The Daily Post’s Harmony, Spike


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