Short But Refreshing

Finally, a short but very much needed light showers finally fall down from the sky few hours ago today.

Because of workload in office, I was unable to step out of my cubicle and refresh up myself but some of the colleagues did went straight outside to enjoy the view they were dying to see. My friends in other parts of the city also told me about light showers in their area.

Alas, I didn’t took any pictures today. But last June, when heavy clouds appeared out-of-nowhere during a hot day, I was at home and captured these:




Weather now is much cooler in Karachi than last week. Days aren’t as hot and humid while nights are cool. All praise to the ALMIGHTY ALLAH for blessing us with this.



8 thoughts on “Short But Refreshing

    1. Sadly, no drizzling took place at home side. I texted Jia from office and asked her but she replied that sky is clear over there. Ever since clouds have started to appear, Uzair is asking daily when will it rain. All we say to him is to just pray for it.

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