Every Weekday, Why I Do What I Do?

It makes you sad and I know

You ask me everyday

When I return back home

Upon hearing my yes

You beg me not to go

And I wish it could be that simple

Staying at home with you

We would enjoy meals together

I won’t mind watching

Cartoons with you at all

And would love to see to

Play with utmost joy and

Doing crazy things

You may hit me with queries

Popping in your little mind

Some of which may annoy me

But all of this ain’t possible

As no matter how much

I love to be with you

I must step out every morning

To make myself part of a world

Where emotions are meaningless

Even smile on one’s face

Is not without a purpose

Hunt or get hunted

Is the motto of this world

And yes, this is cruel

But I have to face it

Every weekday

Just for you!

So that I can see

More smiles upon your face

See you play more joyfully

And to see you learn more

About the world we live in

Which is part cruel

And part kindhearted


Uzair, my 6-year old son, ask me the same question every weekday when I return back home from work: Will you go to office tomorrow?

As I reply in yes to him, he makes a crying face and begs me to take a leave. This is happening for quite sometime now and I smile every time he asks me this.

However, yesterday, he asked me an additional question: Why you go to office everyday?

I wasn’t expecting that question, so I chose my words carefully and just answered to him that I must go to office everyday so that certain needed things can happen.

Of course, we adults understand why going to workplace is necessary, despite we like it or not but explaining it to my 4-year old son will be like giving him an intro to advance physics.

So, I opted for explaining my answer by using simple words and thinking, which you have read above (you can read it again if you want to 🙂 )


Added for RDP Tuesday: STRAIN




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