Tuesday’s Odd Ball – Lonely Rose

A lonely red rose, lying on the floor.


I wonder who gave it to whom? And after receiving it, did he or she just threw it away as the one who give it made him or her angry?

Because who would threw away a lovely rose if one receive it from his or her love.

Or may be I’m totally wrong.

Sharing with Cee Neuner’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 9, 2017





13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Odd Ball – Lonely Rose

    1. Ahhh… sad to say, no I haven’t seen it. Can’t bring the screaming diva into the cinema especially now that she is exploring her newly found vocal range and testing it on mommy’s patience.

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    2. I’m sure my little diva will adore the beast. She’s a little beast herself now that she started to notice the cats and want to grab their fur if they are within reach! Ouch!

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