My Favorites Of 2017 – Part One

Highs and lows. Good and bad.

Yeah, I had the same year like the rest.

As I now look back, 2017 is filled up with so much of almost everything. It started with probably the biggest bang for me of my life (so far) and along the way, I saw and experienced so much.

Of course, I shared those moments on my blog with you, both in form of words and pictures. So, as we are closing another chapter of my life, here is a little look back on what I went through in 2017:


Undoubtedly, my trip to Dubai in the very first week of 2017 will be on top of above what all I went through. I saw the colors and sights of a world outside my own world, which I hadn’t left before 2017, so this was truly special.


2017 also made me realize that I’m just like this guy, standing on the edge of a beach rock while holding a fishing net in his hands. The sea in front of him is big and full of fishes but he can’t catch all of them. He can only catch as much as his fishing net and his own strength allows him to catch.

This fella resembles me in so many ways 🙂

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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