Drawer Beloved

Once upon a time, it was mine. But now, it isn’t.

My bedside drawer was a great storage companion of mine. I used to keep it filled up with all the things I need and that too in a very tidy way. I used to keep items organized up in old DVD spool box covers as they occupy low space but storage small items one might need at the right time.

But ever since Uzair started to have his own set of toys, that very bedside drawer is not in my possession anymore.


As you can see, it is now filled up with Uzair’s most commonly used toys only as this drawer provides him a quick access to whatever he needs during his playtime. Because of limited space, his main toy collection remains locked up in armoire and he receive them only when he wants to play alone in the room.

Jia do tell Uzair from time to time about keeping that drawer free from all his stuff but I say to her that it isn’t mine anymore. It now belongs to Uzair and I love the way he store his stuff in it, no matter how untidy it is.

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