Tuesday Photo Challenge – The New

What’s so new everyday?

There are millions living in this world to whom life seems like a clockwork. Every single day, they go through the same routine from dusk till dawn. Life stays the same for them, from start till finish.

And this might not even be the worst part!

Such individuals may don’t even know that they are living their lives like this, which is even more horrific.


Though I’m definitely not such individual, sometimes I do feel like being cornered up. As if I’ve nowhere else to go and world, despite being so big and majestic, is a tiny island.

That’s where nature comes to my rescue and fills up my heart and mind with all the new possibilities one can accomplish, despite feeling ordinary.

Whenever I see a sunrise like this, or even a sunset, it reminds me that every passing day is the beacon for tomorrow, which is bundled up with new beginnings and wonders.

This is my entry for Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – New


Added for RDP Tuesday – Rescue




5 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – The New

    • Hammad Rais June 26, 2018 / 12:32 PM

      Thank you very much, Patty 🙂


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