A Pizza Saturday

Beside heart, home is also where the goodies are!

Tasty, mouth-watering home made goodies that are filled with not just required ingredients but also with love.


So, one Saturday morning this past October, my mother planned to cook up pizza for lunch as it had been a long time we enjoyed a home made pizza. Jia (my wife), along with Bismah (my sister-in-law), jumped on board to help out. While mother sliced the veggies, both girls prepared chicken meat and set the oven.

I was sent out to buy fresh pizza doughs from local bakery and the ones I picked were oven hot, so pizza turned out more scrumptious than we were expecting.


Onions, tomatoes and capsicums were added up in topping, apart from chicken meat and cheese. It was tasty and everybody at home loved it very much. Uzair also loved it very much and he ate more than I thought he would ate.

Small treats like this fills up a home with love and happiness. And they are also good in taste, so that’s kind of like two in the price of one 🙂




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