Proud And Happy Today

He did it!


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m feeling immense joy by informing you that my sweet son Uzair has been admitted in one of Karachi’s most renowned school.

Final list of 200 candidates appeared on school’s website in afternoon today, which I opened up with raced up heartbeats of mine. For about 4-5 seconds, my heartbeats were noisy enough for me to hear them loud and clear.

As soon as I saw Uzair’s name on the very last page of the list (it was in alphabetical order), I was unable to express my feelings. I wanted to jump in joy but doing so at the workplace is strictly bad manners, without any proper intimation or reason. So, I just clinched my fist and smiled so widely while looking Uzair’s name at my computer screen.

At that moment, I started to wonder about scenes going on at my home because Jia was also very much worried about the result. In fact, she was more worried about Uzair’s admission than me because it was her who prepared Uzair for the big test at home. Upon receiving her call few minutes and hearing her joyful voice made me more happy as Jia congratulated me on this.

This admission process wasn’t tough for not just Uzair but also for me and Jia. First phase was the written test in which about 2000 kids appeared up. Uzair cleared the first phase because he, along with around 500 other kids, got selected up for second phase.

Second phase was the assessment test for child’s emotional intelligence, social and communication skills. Uzair cleared this phase also as out 500+ kids, only 300+ were selected up for third and final phase.

This final phase was more about parents Jia and I went to school last week with Uzair for interview. Reason behind this interview was to meet the parents in person and to understand the relationship between them and their kid in detail because nowadays, this is extremely important.

Today, April 5th 2019, was chosen by school to announce the result and Jia didn’t stopped worrying every single day since our interview last week because Uzair has gone done so much in last 6 months and upon clearing every phase of the admission process, brought him closer to the selection.

And today, I do feel very proud of my son as getting selected up among 2000+ candidates is a big big feat.


Something that I haven’t accomplished in my life, so yes, I’m very proud of my Uzair today!




9 thoughts on “Proud And Happy Today

    • Hammad Rais April 7, 2019 / 9:42 PM

      The end result is very well worth of what done by Uzair and Jia


    • Hammad Rais April 6, 2019 / 9:44 AM

      Yes, it is. Getting an admission in a good school over here is not so easy. So, me and Jia are very happy on this

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