Lens-Artists Challenge – Details Around Us

Just look at them!

The detail in any object can be seen easily, regardless of how much small or big the object is.

One could lost easily lose itself in depths of such details, if the subject is pure mesmerizing πŸ™‚


Like this red flower featuring tiny sub-flowers in itself, along with spikes. Pure beauty I consider this.


Or you can gaze at the rising sun behind dense clouds one morning and wonder about how much that giant yellow glowing ball fills up our world and life with.


For P.A. Moed’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail




12 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge – Details Around Us

  1. pattimoed July 18, 2019 / 2:43 AM

    Hi, Hammad. I love that shot of the flower within the flower. Beautiful colors and details for both shots.

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    • Hammad Rais July 18, 2019 / 1:20 PM

      Hey Patti. Didn’t spotted that flower again in my neighborhood, so I’m glad that I took snap of it on that day πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by and liking my snaps πŸ™‚

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  2. Miriam July 17, 2019 / 4:44 PM

    Details can indeed be mesmerising. Beautiful photos Hammad. 😊

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    • Hammad Rais July 17, 2019 / 4:56 PM

      The tiniest of them hold so much power, if one can just look at them with open mind and heart. Thank you so much for liking my snaps πŸ™‚

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  3. Tina Schell July 17, 2019 / 7:34 AM

    Beautiful choices Hammad, you’re so tight about that big yellow ball😊

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    • Hammad Rais July 17, 2019 / 4:46 PM

      That ball is filling up our lives with so much, beside warmth. Thank you very much for liking my snaps, Tina πŸ™‚


    • Hammad Rais July 17, 2019 / 1:10 PM

      Thank you very much πŸ™‚


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