A Fan Of Nightly Greens

Few nightly captures from my old camera!

I had a Sony DSC-W290 point and shoot camera when I started up my blog back in 2015. It was a really nice camera with some amazing features and it was so easy to use.

One amazing feature of it was night photography mode, which I used extensively.

Here are two old photos of green leaves I took from that camera:


Whether taking a macro or shooting the subject from a distance, DSC-W290 was really great in capturing the details.


Sadly, that camera got damaged back in 2017 and I switched over to smartphone then.

But sometimes, when I look at these old photos, I recalls that camera and wonders about it.

May be I should get it fixed up 🙂

For Jez’s Down by the Canal — Fan Of… #109


2 thoughts on “A Fan Of Nightly Greens

    • Hammad Rais May 14, 2021 / 5:32 PM

      Yes, they are. But for advance photography features, one should spend up more for advance models, which ain’t so easy for everyone.


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