A Fan Of Roadside Attractions

I used to capture them a lot!

During the “old normal” era, when I used to commute back and forth to my office every weekday, the roadside attractions of my city provided me much needed relief from the stresses of a day at work.


Regardless of their size or nature, looking at them always makes me wonder about my own self, for being a part of a world, which is different for me in so many ways.


I live in the same world but it feels like both me and the world I live in, are many worlds apart.


But ever since I’ve started to drive, I’m unable to capture these roadside attractions like the old days.


And so, I’m not having such feelings again.

Is this okay or not?

For Lensy’s View of the Falkirk Wheel — Fan Of… #114


One thought on “A Fan Of Roadside Attractions

  1. Photos by Jez June 19, 2021 / 1:58 PM

    Great shots, my friend 👏 & interesting question you pose. I think self reflection is a good thing unless you focus too much on difference being a bad thing. We are all individuals & should embrace the fact; I see all too often in this era of mass telecommunication, people being what I call sheep, & following the herd, because that is what they are told by mass media. We should all feel free to do our own thing 😃

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