What Happened To Good Ol’ Tommy

Good ol’ Tommy didn’t likes flies

He would swat them around in multiple tries

One day, while enjoying his favorite supper

A lone one enters the room, right through the shutter

Good ol’ Tommy didn’t like the disruption

As his senses pointed towards destruction

His hand wandered for his favorite swatter

Which should have been at his right corner

Down this fly will also go

Good ol’ Tommy kept on thinking so

But his hands strangely picked up a wrench

The next few days were spent in fixing a broken bench

For Pensitivity101’s Three Things Challenge #702


5 thoughts on “What Happened To Good Ol’ Tommy

    • Hammad Rais August 26, 2021 / 10:19 PM

      Well, on a bright side, Good Ol’ Tommy is now considering to become a carpenter 😁


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