People Will Ask

People will ask why feeling sad

So, would you open up your heart

May be its something in the air

Days of the fall are just not well

Shadows of the evening

Getting heavier everyday

Better to stay silent

To save the tongue’s slip

But people will never stop asking

Would you let them know?

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5 thoughts on “People Will Ask

  1. Ju-Lyn January 22, 2022 / 7:12 AM

    When they ask, do they really want to know? That is my challenge – how much to tell because I don’t know how much they actually want to listen.

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    • Hammad Rais January 22, 2022 / 9:45 AM

      Exactly right!
      I feel the same whenever people ask me. Those who are really close to me knows and understand that I’m not an open book, so they respect my privacy but many just can’t understand that, which sometimes bugs me.


  2. Andrew Blair January 21, 2022 / 6:22 AM

    I usually don’t tell when I am depressed because I have Bipolar disorder and it is part of life. Too many helpful suggestions from friends is wearisome because these depressions are mainly chemical.

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    • Hammad Rais January 21, 2022 / 9:33 AM

      Depressions can be chemical?
      I have no idea about this.


    • Andrew Blair January 21, 2022 / 5:22 PM

      Yes the place where thoughts messages autonomic Nervous System reach the appropriate places are called Synaptic gaps. At these gaps liquids called Neurotransmitters carry the impulses across the gap. In our mood centres Serotonin is the one it causes depression if there is too much and mania if there is too little. Manic depressives have an unbalanced transmitter the moderator,it’s opposite number does not bring about the correct stability.
      When one has an emotional depression it is compounded by the existing imbalance.

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