A ‘V’ Of The Pines

More green for today!

As we head back to the pines.

Today, they are shaping up as letter ‘V’.

For Cee Neuner’s FOTD – January 27 – Clematis and CMMC – January Alphabet Letter V anywhere in the word

12 thoughts on “A ‘V’ Of The Pines

    • Hammad Rais January 29, 2022 / 12:03 AM

      Thank you very much 🙂


    • Hammad Rais January 29, 2022 / 12:04 AM

      This caught me by surprise entirely 🙂


  1. Andrew Blair January 27, 2022 / 1:26 PM

    So they do. Hammad, what function does this app have. Where are the images? Does it save space on the WordPress server?

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    • Hammad Rais January 27, 2022 / 7:34 PM

      I have switched to Imgur from Flickr because Flickr was expensive. So far, Imgur is free and integrates nicely with WordPress. And yes, it also saves space on WordPress server.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Andrew Blair January 28, 2022 / 6:53 AM

      I must do that ,I am trying to keep my images in kb but still running out of room.

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