Daily Prompt #1862 – That One Goodbye

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

I didn’t said it to her because I was quite afar from where she was standing.

I was standing way back but I was able to see her.

She was surrounded by her family and friends.

Smiling faces all around the venue, chatting joyfully.

But her face, on that night, was definitely the most joyful amongst all.

Why wouldn’t it be?

Standing right next to the person with whom she had just tied the knot was the only reason.

Her smile on her special night was something out of this world.

But it wasn’t for me.

I was still standing in the back, looking at her and wondering what my life would be now.

I was unable to gut up myself and walk towards her, to say goodbye.

The very last one!

Instead, I turned around and walked outside.

Because there was no reason for me to stay.

As I walked outside, I wondered about what my life would be now.

Time moved on as usual and dragged me with it.

Ups and downs. Twists and turns.

Life morphed me into something entirely different.

And as I look back at that moment from a long gone past of mine, I’m happy to say that what happened to me or with her was definitely for the betterment for both of us.


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