Post I Like – In the News … Artificial Intelligence

You must’ve heard about it.

You must’ve read about it as well.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI in short) has suddenly become the talk of our global village.

All thanks to a computer program known as ChatGPT.

You must’ve heard it by now.

And if you haven’t then this post from Sandy may give an insight about it.

Do read it out and stay informed.

Wonders and ethics of A.I.

There’s been lots of speculation on A.I. technology and it’s impact. If A.I. can create images, will it replace artists? If A.I. can write articles, will it replace journalists? If A.I. can write blog posts … should I even bother?

In the News … Artificial Intelligence


2 thoughts on “Post I Like – In the News … Artificial Intelligence

    • Hammad Rais March 6, 2023 / 6:10 PM

      I took a free 43 minutes tutorial about what ChatGPT is and what it can do on


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