Dear Mr. Peter Jackson

Dear Mr. Peter Jackson,

This morning when I read in The Guardian (click here for that article) about the obstacles you and your team faced while making The Hobbit trilogy, and the response given back by the audiences on your finished product, I realized that the world only demand the best output from the worst input.


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The Sleeping Dinosaur

A dinosaur would have given so much headache to us if they were still around. But lucky for us (we owe a big thanks to that asteroid, you know!!), they are not here anymore.

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Back in-to the Future

Back in-to the Future

Today is October 21st 2015, another day for the whole world to do the normal business. But today, there is something really special about it. May be not for the whole world but for few million individuals (yes, you read it correctly, few millions and I’m one of them), today is a very very special day.

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The Two Towels

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Once Upon A Hmmm

Hmmm, a 4-letter word that is used typically to express thoughtful absorption, hesitation, doubt, or perplexity during a conversation. Ask me and I will say the true power of this word is shown on the internet or while we text.Film Reel Continue reading

When Local Becomes Global

As you may have heard or read, Joss Whedon, director of Avengers: Age of Ultron, has deactivated his Twitter account after receiving harsh criticism about the film.Joss Whedon Ban

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A Grain In Cornfield

I finally watched movie Interstellar this weekend and let me summarize my feelings after the movie ended in 3 words: UTTERLY MIND BLOWING!!

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Tears in Rain

Tears in Rain

The last breaths of a person’s life are probably the most weighted moments of his/her entire life.

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