Into The Green – A Short Film

Green is amazingly wonderful!

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South Africa – A Mavic Tale

We human may have dominated the very planet we live upon but there is no denial about being the only life form around.

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From So High Above

The world will be looking towards the sky tonight as countdown to welcome 2017 has already begun.

But how about watching the earth itself from 250 miles above from space station?

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The Bloop Troop

Watch this fun animated short film in which a knight, an archer and a barbarian join forces to fight a common enemy.

A fly!

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Flying Over Iceland

Out of 6+ billion souls living on this planet, probably millions have an opportunity of a lifetime to step on Iceland, a nature of wonder unlike any other place on planet Earth.

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A Trip To Arctic

We all love to step into exotic lands to feast our inner adventurer. Many take an extra step by venturing into the furthest parts of our planet, where it’s nature’s true colors are very much visible in their entire context.

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Vorticity – 18 Days Of Storm Chasing

Vorticity is time-lapse short film by Mike Oibinski who I think is a wedding photographer actually.  Continue reading