All that glitters is not gold.

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Post I Like: Fifty Words Story Collaboration: A Great Fall

Let me share with you a brilliant short story to read this Halloween. Not much scary it is, but it will give you some chills.

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You Can’t Fly Like A Bird

The small window on the wall gave her some sense about life outside. That’s all she can rest her eyes upon. Those colorless walls made her life colorless but she doesn’t knew about it because she hadn’t seen any color other than yellow sunshine or blue sky or white clouds.

That small window which was kind of a lifeline to her!

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The Circus Is Gone

“Excuse me Mr Ringmaster, can you tell me where your circus is?”

“It’s gone!!”

“Gone where?”

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Think Of Light

Oh, look! There is some light. We can borrow it from there.

Yes, this is plenty for us. Isn’t it?

Hold on there lads! We can’t take it.


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A Mission In Dark

“Stay down!”

“But no one is looking, dude.”

“Are you nuts? They can still see us!”


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Time To Work

Alright men, listen up!!

I’m gonna this say once, so you better listen with open ears.

Charlie, take off those headphones or I will cut your ear off!


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